And Now for Something Fun!

A new competition from Spitfire Audio!

We are participating in this years Spitfire Audio Scoring Competition featuring a clip from Bridgerton. Wish us luck, it's open to everyone worldwide. #MyBridgertonScore Bridgerton Score Competition

Go Inside a Comet

Kelly takes you inside the frequency color world of a comet coma, set to SNO King of course!

GLASS-z13 Galaxy

GLASS-z13 Galaxy as Imaged by the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) redeveloped with DARKLight Filters show contextual structures inside

The Milky Way Inside Our Universe

Using the Adobe AI engine and the DARKLight Series of Filters, built with Newton's Optiks Mathematical Formulas; DLSF unleashes the "Dark Energy" light in its elemental color and puts an image to the contextual energy captured by our various telescopes and cameras.

When all else fails sing -SNO King